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Disability Insurance

If you’re unable to work because of a sickness or an injury, an Illinois disability income insurance policy through All Suburban Insurance has you covered. We’re ready to provide the financial security – and peace of mind – you’ve always deserved.

Did you know 1 in 4 Americans will encounter disability before retirement? It’s true. Disability insurance helps you meet expenses by replacing a portion of your income. Things like your mortgage, utilities, car payments, food, clothing and more would be generally covered under a disability insurance policy until you regain the ability to return to work. As an independent agency in Barrington IL, we work directly for you, the customer. We shop multiple insurance carriers to ensure you get a product that fits your unique needs. Allow us to demonstrate what we can do for you.

Contact us now at (847) 381-7557 to learn more about our tailored disability policies!

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